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Post  Admin on Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:54 pm

Want to be an moderator? Post a response just like this!

1. [What are you going to do once you become an moderator]
2. [How many strikes do you have on your account? ;if you dont know, leave it blank;]
3. [Are you an advanced modder / coder? (YES) or (NO) ]
4. [How long have you been a member of MaxHax / forum?]
5. [Did you add me on skype? @mrmaxguthrie]
6. [Do you have a YouTube channel?]
7. [Are you subscribed to us on YouTube? @thepoliwagproject https://www.youtube.com/thepoliwagproject ]

Once you have filled out your app, I will review it in 2 - 7 days. Thank you! What a Face 


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